Building the Oracle
Building the Oracle art - radiant man in a hood looking into the distance with glowing eyes

Building the Oracle

A podcast about making a fictional universe into a real-world experience.

Who's on the microphone?

Jay Swanson is the author behind the universe in question, whose work will be re-released as the podcast develops - you can find him on YouTube.

Richard Bilkey is the business and publishing brain in the room, with over a decade in experience working for everyone from Random House to Samsung.

Zach Egan is a law student at the American University of Paris who records and mixes each episode.

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Credit Where Credit Is Due

Building the Oracle posts on the 1st and 15th of every month. Our theme music is "Glory" and our ad music is "Light," both by David Cutter. We record everything on a Rode Procaster and mix in Adobe Audition and/or Audacity depending on how out of our workflow we've fallen. The show's art is from Jay's book Into the Nanten, illustrated by Nimit Malavia. Gustave the dog sleepily protects us every week as we record.

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