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01.12: Season 1 Finale - What have we learned and where to next?

In our final episode of Season 1, we look back on our initial hopes and dreams for the podcast, and discuss what we learned, which goals we achieved, and those that we...

01.11: The business of being a writer in 2020 with Jane Friedman

Jane Friedman, author of The Business of Being a Writer, and one of the most trusted consultants in the publishing industry, gives us the reality check we definitely n...

01.10: Cataloguing a universe with Archivos founder David Robison

What's the best way to keep track of a sprawling fictional universe? We talk with Dave Robison, the founder of Archivos, our worldbuilding software of choice.

01.09: Worldbuilding with Mike Underwood, Adam Rakunas & Patrick Tomlinson

Veteran SFF authors, Mike Underwood, Adam Rakunas, and Patrick Tomlinson talk to Jay and Richard about their research and worldbuilding processes.

01.08: Kameron Hurley on perseverance and building a resilient creative career

Hugo Award-winning author, Kameron Hurley, talks about the challenges of living a creative life, and what it takes to support yourself as an author.

01.07: Michelle Kuo and the power of reading and telling stories

Author, teacher and lawyer, Michelle Kuo, joins us to talk about the power of storytelling, and the importance of listening to, and lifting up, diverse voices and view...

01.06: Michael R. Underwood and the modern art of selling books

Michael R. Underwood talked to Jay and Richard about the best ways to help your book stand out in the modern book marketplace.

BONUS POD: How Rick Morton lost it all before hitting #1

Radio host, Rick Morton, joined Jay and his sister, Kaarin Howard, in San Diego to talk about the ups and downs of pursuing an "on air" career, and how losing it all c...

01.05: Community building with r/fantasy creator Steve Drew

"Please be kind!" Steve Drew shares his experience creating the Fantasy subreddit, as well as his business development expertise, to give us some great advice on how t...

01.04: Kate Weber & Zach Egan on building the Swanson Team in Paris

Asking for help and building a support team can be one of the most difficult but important things for a creative entrepreneur to do. We brought the whole Paris team to...

01.03: Lindsey Tramuta on Writing About a Changing Paris and Business When Living Abroad

Lindsey Tramuta, author of The New Paris and the voice behind @lostncheeseland, talks about collaboration, publishing, and freelancing in Paris as an expat.

BONUS POD: Should authors bother attending conventions? Live from ConFusion

Jay was recently at ConFusion and he took the opportunity to talk to other authors about the value of SFF conventions, why they attend, and how to get the most out of ...

01.02: Natasha Ngan on what it takes to write a bestseller & what it takes out of you

Every author dreams of hitting the bestseller list and many publishers count on it to succeed. So we talked to an author who already made it to see what was involved.

01.01: Building a Podcast with Oliver Gee and John Clarke

Welcome to Episode 1 of "Building the Oracle", in which we take our first step towards building a publishing house by ... learning about podcasting.

Introducing Building the Oracle with Jay Swanson - TRAILER

Introducing a podcast about an author and an editor building a publishing and film studio from the ground up. Every episode we'll interview authors, publishers, illust...

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