01.01: Building a Podcast with Oliver Gee and John Clarke

Welcome to Episode 1 of "Building the Oracle", in which we take our first step towards building a publishing house by ... learning about podcasting.
Oliver Gee and John Clarke join us to share their own experience with podcasting, and to give us some friendly advice to help launch "Building the Oracle".

You can find out more about both of our guests and give them a follow on their websites:
Oliver Gee - The Earful Tower
John Clarke - Private Practice Workshop

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Building the Oracle posts on the 1st and 15th of every month. It is hosted by Jay Swanson and Richard Bilkey. You can tweet at us on @jayonaboat and @rich_bilkey, and follow Jay on YouTube.

This episode was produced by Zach Egan.

Our theme music is "Glory" and our ad music is "Light," both by David Cutter.

We record everything on a Rode Procaster and mix in Adobe Audition and/or Audacity depending on how out of our workflow we've fallen.

The show's art is from Jay's book Into the Nanten, illustrated by Nimit Malavia

Gustave the dog sleepily protects us every week as we record.

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