01.08: Kameron Hurley on perseverance and building a resilient creative career

Hugo Award-winning author, Kameron Hurley, talks about the challenges of living a creative life, and what it takes to support yourself as an author.
Kameron Hurley is a Hugo Award-winning author and a trained historian. She was the guest of honor at this year's ConFusion, and she joined us on the pod to talk about the challenges of living a creative life, along with what it takes to support yourself as an author. We discuss the importance of perseverance and why it is crucial to develop multiple revenue streams for the content you create. Kameron and Jay both shared their experiences trying (and failing) to balance their health and well-being with the constant demand to grind out new content.

The interview with Kameron was recorded in late January 2020, but was not released until 15th April. In the interim the Coronavirus completely upended the world, and the intro and outro to this episode were recorded during the lockdown in Paris. The topic of the conversation seems even more timely and immediately relevant, as everyone has been confronted with a medical and financial emergency that puts our lives and livelihoods at risk. So after the interview, we discuss how Jay's prior experiences have shaped his response to the Coronavirus crisis, and what practical things we can do now to help our businesses, and more importantly, help each other get through the pandemic.

There is a language warning on this episode!

You can find more information about Kameron and her writing on her website www.kameronhurley.com, or follow her on Twitter and Instagram on @KameronHurley. And if you love her writing, then consider joining her awesome Patreon and get a new short story every month, plus a lot more.

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