01.11: The business of being a writer in 2020 with Jane Friedman

Jane Friedman, author of The Business of Being a Writer, and one of the most trusted consultants in the publishing industry, gives us the reality check we definitely needed.
Jane Friedman is the author of The Business of Being a Writer, and one of the most trusted consultants and reporters in the publishing industry. We asked her for some advice on our own publishing plans, and she gave us the reality check we definitely needed. Jane also shared some of the wisdom she's learned through building her own business, pointed us in the direction of some essential indie-author resources, and even managed to craft a media strategy to launch Gustave the dog to mega-stardom.

If you are an author or publisher of any stripe, then you need to be following Jane. It's that simple. Her website, janefriedman.com, is a great place to start. Follow her on Twitter @janefriedman, and check out her free Sunday Business Sermons. Her industry newsletter, The Hot Sheet, is essential reading for everyone in the book trade.

Here are some of the resources Jane recommended in this episode:

The 6-Figure Author Podcast - 6figureauthors.com
A podcast hosted by Lindsay Buroker, Joseph R. Lallo, and Andrea Pearson, that aims to help authors take their writing careers to the next level.

Sean Platt and Johnny B. Truant provide some excellent information and advice for independent authors on their website, sterlingandstone.net and in their Story Studio podcast.

David Gaughran is one of the world's leading experts on marketing for authors and indie publishers, and a must follow for anyone planning to publish a book. His website is davidgaughran.com.

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