01.06: Michael R. Underwood and the modern art of selling books

Michael R. Underwood talked to Jay and Richard about the best ways to help your book stand out in the modern book marketplace.
Mike Underwood is a rare jewel in the publishing world - a successful author of several (very excellent) SFF novels who also happens to have invaluable sales and marketing expertise with some of the leading publishers in the world. He was also one of Jay's first and best friends within the professional SFF community, so when Jay attended ConFusion, they took the chance to catch up and talk shop - and bookshops in particular.

We discussed the state of the current market for science fiction and fantasy books, and the impact of reduced shelf-space in bookshops around the world. Mike explained why it's so important for publishing houses to craft their own unique voice, and create distinctive sales and marketing material to help ensure your books stand out, even through the complex network of distributors and booksellers.

Mike's new book, Annihilation Aria, is available for preorder now, and we highly recommend you also check out his previous novels. If you're looking for somewhere to start, go with the Genrenauts series.

You can follow Mike on Twitter at @MikeRUnderwood, on his website at michaelrunderwood.com, or on Patreon.

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