BONUS POD: How Rick Morton lost it all before hitting #1

Radio host, Rick Morton, joined Jay and his sister, Kaarin Howard, in San Diego to talk about the ups and downs of pursuing an "on air" career, and how losing it all can be the best thing to ever happen to you.
Rick Morton is the host of San Diego's highest rated breakfast morning show, Hey Morton!, on radio Z90. But Rick's career path has been anything but smooth.

He started at the very bottom of the radio food chain, doing everything he could to get his chance on air. From 3am radio slots to driving around in a giant boombox, rising through the ranks took grit. And just as he made it to the top, his ego pushed him right over the edge. His path back to #1 would cost him everything, including trading his post-show beach time in Southern California for the frozen valleys of Southern Idaho.

Jay and his sister, Kaarin Howard, met Rick in his studio in San Diego to talk about navigating the extreme highs and lows of an "on air" career, and why you should never try to pull one over on NSYNC fans.

You can follow Rick Morton on Instagram or Twitter at @Rickz903.

You can follow Kaarin on Instagram at @kaarins and on Twitter at @studiokaarin.

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