01.07: Michelle Kuo and the power of reading and telling stories

Author, teacher and lawyer, Michelle Kuo, joins us to talk about the power of storytelling, and the importance of listening to, and lifting up, diverse voices and viewpoints.
Michelle Kuo is an immigration lawyer, and currently teaches on issues of race, punishment, immigration and the law, at the American University of Paris. She is also the author of Reading With Patrick, a deeply moving memoir about the power of storytelling to connect with, and learn from, each other. We talked to Michelle about the importance for authors and teachers of all types to listen to, and lift up, diverse voices and viewpoints, and why we should approach our role as storytellers with humility, and an awareness of our own blindspots.

We also discussed how genre and the rapidly evolving media landscape change the way we share and consume stories, and what that might mean for the upcoming generation of storytellers.

And most importantly, Michelle drops the dirt on her current favourite student, our very own producer, Zach Egan!

You can follow Michelle on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook at @kuokuomich, or find out more information directly from her website michellkuo.net. Don't miss her Ted Talk on The Healing Power of Reading.

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