01.03: Lindsey Tramuta on Writing About a Changing Paris and Business When Living Abroad

Lindsey Tramuta, author of The New Paris and the voice behind @lostncheeseland, talks about collaboration, publishing, and freelancing in Paris as an expat.
Lindsey is a Paris-based journalist writing for the New York Times and Fortune amongst many others. But she’s best known in our circles as @LostnCheeseland, the name of her fantastic Instagram account chronicling life in Paris. She wrote a fantastic book on the cultural shifts in our hometown, The New Paris, and hosts The New Paris Podcast, which is into its third season. Her forthcoming book, The New Parisienne, focuses on the amazing women that are redefining the term, and is set for release in April, 2020. She joined us to talk about publishing, collaborating, freelancing in Paris, and the tension between Old and New Paris.

After recording this episode, Lindsey took Jay on a tour of her favourite spots in her neighborhood, and you can see the whole episode on YouTube: Paris According to Lindsey Tramuta

You can find Lindsey on her website lostincheeseland.com, on Instagram and Twitter as @LostNCheeseland, or at The New Paris Podcast.

The New Paris can be found everywhere good books are sold (and in practically every good coffee shop in Paris) and The New Parisienne is available for pre-order now.

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